The cost of trucking

Truck Drivers on average spend over $600 per year on coffee or $.004 per mile With 3.6 million Truck Drivers in the US that gives an impressive $2,160,000,000 spent on coffee to keep trucks moving! The Coffee numbers are fun but you want to know what your cost should be to run a truck? Lets … Read more

The Death Wobble

A quick video about what a death wobble looks like. Death wobbles come from a strong axle with low load rate springs. Typically the springs are strong enough to twist the axle when the tire hits a bump in the road, but does not have enough strength to dampen the torsional movement of the axle. … Read more

Right to repair

‘Right to repair’ proposal touted as major cost saver for truck owners Massachusetts ballot initiative would give after-market service shops access to telematics data beginning in 2022 Find the original article here John Gallagher, Washington CorrespondentFollow on TwitterTuesday, October 6, 20201 1,281 2 minutes read Voters in Massachusetts will decide in November whether independent after-market dealers … Read more


We had a catastrophe today. The trophy that we pass to our top performer broke. There may have been some intense competition for the trophy. Any ideas what to use to replace it

Daily Training

Todays Highlight: Daily Training Congratulations Kody on taking the top spot! Part of our process to ensure that every customer receives industry leading service is to insure that our techs are well trained. Two types of training Daily Training Every day our technicians have a short training session aimed at improving their knowledge and skills. … Read more

We like big bumpers

We like big bumpers, this one is 14′ wide! At Wayne Truck and Trailer Ltd we can service and repair even the largest trailers. This trailer has three steerable and three fixed axles. This trailer is 14′ wide when it is pulling straight, when it came in it was trailing between two and three foot … Read more

Turbo replacement

Many late model trucks have variable geometry turbos. The variable geometry allows for OEMs to meet emmisions standards and provide a flatter torque curve allowing for better performance over a larger RPM range. The old turbo failed due to carbon build up. The excess carbon prevented the turbo actuator operation. Both turbo and actuator had … Read more