EPA Steps up Emissions Enforcement

$11 Million in fines, administrative actions issued May 1, 2020 (WASHINGTON, DC) – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7 announced a series of enforcement actions targeting businesses and individuals that provided over 21,000 aftermarket modifications to diesel vehicles, totaling $11 million in penalties.  “EPA’s announcement underscores the importance of diesel emissions system integrity of both on-road and … Read more

Turbo replacement

Many late model trucks have variable geometry turbos. The variable geometry allows for OEMs to meet emmisions standards and provide a flatter torque curve allowing for better performance over a larger RPM range. The old turbo failed due to carbon build up. The excess carbon prevented the turbo actuator operation. Both turbo and actuator had … Read more

Steering and Suspension

Medium and heavy duty steering and suspension this week. Standard or custom we can do what it takes to get your truck back on the road. Peterbilt axle swap A cool old Pete with a worn out steer axle. When we checked for a replacement axle we were informed that the axle was discontinued and … Read more