Heavy Duty Truck Service Repair and Towing for all makes and models.

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Internal Engine and Emissions Cleaning

Like it or not your new truck comes with emissions control devices. You have a few choices you can just run the truck, not maintain the emissions controls and then complain about how terrible they are, you could delete them and pay the fine when you get caught or you can work with a knowledgeable shop like ours that knows how to clean and maintain your emissions system.

PM Services

Because we are a professional repair shop, you may think that our pricing would be higher or that you can get an oil change at a better price at a truck stop or tire shop but you should take a second look at the services that we provide. You get a qualified Technician working on and looking at your truck. Having a trained set of eyes look at your truck at regular intervals can pay huge dividends when it comes to eliminating break downs. Better than that though we offer these services at pricing comparable to the truck stops and tire shops.

Diesel Engine Diagnosis and Repair

We provide dealer level diagnostic and repair for most commercial truck engines.

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Duramax
  • International
  • Mack
  • Powerstroke
  • Volvo

Engine Performance Products

Because everybody else can just be average. You want your truck to pull harder and deliver better fuel efficiency. We sell and install products that bring out the best in your truck and make it a pleasure to drive. Best of all these products are street legal and could save you $45,268 compared to a non compliant tune.

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One Call Does it All!

We Tow and Repair

With our towing repair and roadside assistance for Heavy Duty Trucks. We will have your truck fixed and back on the road faster than you think.

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Transmission  Service and Repair

Maybe you are old school and like to shift gears or maybe you like to let your transmission do the shifting for you. It doesn’t matter to us we have the tools and equipment to diagnosis and repair your transmission!

  • Allison
  • Eaton
  • Volvo
  • Mack
  • Detroit

Wheel Alignment

We uses proprietary Laseri wheel alignment equipment to provide longer tire life and better fuel economy for our customers. The Laseri system uses tried and true alignment procedures coupled with the best accuracy in the industry.

Truck Suspension Repair

Our shop is well equipped to service and repair your truck and trailer suspension systems. We can ensure that your suspension is repaired and functioning properly so that you can operate a safe stable truck that has long tire life and good fuel economy

Steering Maintenance and Repair

As your truck ages your steering components wear. We are here to help you with maintaining optimal steering performance for your truck. King Pins, Tie Rod Ends, Steering ujoints and Steering Boxes all wear over time and require adjustment or replacement.

We can provide you with the solutions that you need to ensure that your steering is safe and performs as the OEM designed it to operate.